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Goal: $300

$330 raised so far,   CONGRATULATIONS!

Hello, Friends and Family!

I'm hoping you will join me in supporting the Twin Cities Women’s Choir second annual Singathon! on October 15th.

What’s a Singathon?” you ask. Think marathon, but with voices instead of feet.

On Saturday, October 15, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. members of our choir community, and vocal performers from the broader community, will share their musical talents – live – from River Rock Studios in Minneapolis.

This event really puts the FUN back into fundraising (har har).

What do you fundraise for?” you ask? Well, like the Catholic schools I attended for 15 years, the actual cost of supporting any one choir member ($1200 this year) far outpaces the amount most of us are able to contribute. Plus, we are committed to making the choir accessible to women of all economic backgrounds. So, while some of us are able to cover the full cost of participation, others can cover only part of the cost, and still others very little of the cost.

And, so, we fundraise. We write grant proposals. And hold garage sales. We bake cookies (really) for our events. We organize a massive silent and live auction. We memorize music for three musical performances a year, and invite you to buy tickets. It all helps make this remarkable group, this life-affirming experience, this whole lotta FUN, possible.

I’m in my fourth year with the choir, and give thanks every week for the musical joy it brings me, and for the connection I get to a wonderful network of women with a wealth of life experiences. Wednesday night rehearsals are like walking into a candy store for me…150+ possible conversations each week with other members, musical guidance from talented and funny artistic directors, and the great satisfaction of creating something together in song.

Thank you for considering a donation, and enjoy the show.

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