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Before my first TCWC concert

Goal: $200

$200 raised so far,   CONGRATULATIONS!

Thank you for visiting my Sing-a-Thon fundraising page. I am beginning my 8th season with the choir, which has been a huge part of my life since joining.  I love the chance to sing weekly with a large group of people, and just as much, I love being part of the supportive community that the choir provides.  I've enjoyed having my family and friends come to concerts, and I hope to be part of this choir for a very long time.  Even on evenings when I feel too tired to attend our 2 hour rehearsal, I know that's probably a sign that choir is exactly what I need.  I'm very grateful for this organization, the strength of its leadership, and the participation of members, not just as singers, but as volunteers in our community.

Thanks for your support!  You can read more below about the choir.

Since our inception, the Twin Cities Women’s Choir has welcomed women from all walks of life into this community. We aim to make beautiful music while building bridges among diverse communities with an emphasis on empowering the voices of women.

The Twin Cities Women’s Choir is committed to making the choral experience accessible to women of all economic backgrounds. The choir does not impose membership fees or require purchase of concert apparel. We receive some concert funding through grants, but we rely primarily on contributions from our own singers, community, and audience. While we're committed to being self-supporting, no one is ever turned away due to lack of financial resources.

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A Divas and Desserts show - my parents and brother often attend this annual performance!

a gratuitous photo of my baby, photo by Jenny Larson

This is a SWEET fundraising site by Blue Sky Collaborative